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    Update your Q Score using the 12 week programme
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  • What is MyHealthCounts?

    MyHealthCounts is an online health questionnaire and programme which helps you understand more about your health and the lifestyle choices that impact it. It’s easy to follow and could help you achieve a discount off your renewal premium too.

    You’ll find personalised advice on how to manage and improve your health. Simply updating the questionnaire between month 6 and the end of month 9 of your policy year will qualify you to receive up to 15% off your next renewal premium.

  • How does it work?

    You spend just 10 to 15 minutes telling us about your health and lifestyle choices – things like what you eat and how much exercise you do. We’ll then calculate your Q Score and offer personalised advice and tools that could help you improve you health.

    Update us with your progress between month 6 and 9 of your policy year, and you’ll qualify for up to a 15% discount off your health insurance renewal.

  • What is the Q Score?

    Imagine a queue of 100 people who are exactly the same age, gender and race as you. The first person in the queue needs medical attention straight away, and the person at the number 100 is enjoying optimum health. Your Q Score will tell you whereabouts in the queue you’d stand today according to your current health and the lifestyle choices.

Additional benefits

  • 12 week programme- receive weekly information and advice to help you achieve your health goals
  • Pharmacy Check- get an accurate view of your health by having a check up with your local pharmacist
  • Aviva Advantages- make the most of MyHealthCounts with access to exclusive health and lifestyle discounts.

Top FAQs

How do I register for MyHealthCounts?

Click on the login/register button at the top of this page. You will need your login code (found on your MyHealthCounts welcome letter), policy number and date of birth so we can validate your details.

Why does each member need to register with a separate email address?

To ensure that each member receives the premium discount they are entitled to as well as personalised health information and advice.

How will I know if I have received a discount?

Within your renewal documents, the "financial statement" will show the discount each individual member on your policy has received.

User quotes

My wife and I hardly ever have red meat now and eat much more fruit and veg. I’ve also cut out a lot of salt from my diet - I only add it to my food occasionally and we’ve reduced the amount we use in our cooking significantly. MyHealthCounts constantly focuses your mind and helps make these changes permanent.

Ronald Thomson, 56,
South Lanarkshire